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Age One Visit – Sycamore, IL

Introducing Your Child to Excellent Dentistry

A child’s smile is irreplaceable, and you need to take good care of it to make it last. You can make sure that your little one’s oral care gets off to a good start by scheduling an Age One dental appointment at Grand Dental – Sycamore. At our practice, we give children the personalized care they need, and we go the extra mile to make their early dental experiences positive ones so that they are more likely to seek care on their own once they reach adulthood. Also, as part of the Grand Dental Group, we can help you schedule an appointment with a pediatric specialist if your child has developmental issues that require an expert’s eye. Get in touch with us today to schedule an Age One Visit before your child’s first birthday.

Learn How We Approach Age 1 Visits

Why Choose Grand Dental – Sycamore for an Age One Dental Visit?

Why Schedule an Age One Dental Visit?

Woman helping her son brush teeth at Age One Visit in Sycamore, IL

Why do the experts at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry tell parents that they should schedule Age One dental appointments? The answer can be summed up in one word: prevention. No smile, no matter how young, is immune from the risk of tooth decay. In fact, baby teeth are even more susceptible to problems since they have a much thinner layer of enamel compared to adult teeth, meaning it’s easier for bacteria to reach the pulp at the center of the tooth. Professional cleanings are essential for protecting any smile from the harmful substances that lead to decay, and the earlier they begin the better. Your child should start coming into our office on a biannual basis around their first birthday or at least within six months of receiving their first teeth.

What Happens During an Age One Visit?

Teddy bear on a table with oral hygiene products

Age One dental visits are somewhat different than the checkups and cleanings you’re used to receiving. Of course, we do still check for signs of cavities and gum disease, and we’ll perform a gentle cleaning as needed. However, a big part of the Age One visit is helping your little one get used to our practice so that they understand that there’s nothing to worry about whenever they come to visit; that will make future appointments much more enjoyable for everyone.

During this time, we’ll discuss any developmental issues that have already appeared in your child’s mouth and create a treatment plan based on their needs. We’ll also teach you the best techniques for brushing your child’s teeth, choosing foods that promote oral health, and recognizing oral health issues before they cause too much damage. Teaching you the basics will help prepare you to protect your little one’s smile well into the future.

What are the Benefits of Early Dental Care?

Boy giving a thumbs up after his Age One Visit

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