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Special Needs Dentistry – Sycamore, IL

Personalizing Your Child’s Unique Dental Care

Physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental impairments are considered “special needs” by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. They limit a child’s ability to perform normal tasks and functions as well as make decisions. These restrictions not only affect their mind and/or body but also their oral health. When a special needs child in Sycamore suffers from tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and bite problems because of the medications they take, the foods they eat (or do not eat), or their inability to properly brush and floss their teeth, dental professionals must step in. At Grand Dental – Sycamore, our team of experts is here to deliver timely care no matter the type of condition or disorder. Children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, a cleft palate, or even a neurological condition can all achieve better oral health when visiting our office. Contact us today to find out more about the accommodations we can provide to ensure a successful appointment. 

Why Choose Grand Dental – Sycamore for Special Needs Dentistry?

Who Can Benefit From Special Needs Dentistry?

Special needs children often suffer from dental decay, cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. These are commonly caused by dry mouth due to a lack of saliva production, bite misalignments, teeth grinding, limited oral mobility, and restricted diets.

If you struggle to take care of your child’s oral health at home, you can trust that our team at Grand Dental – Sycamore is here to help. We’ll discuss their needs and generate a plan that allows for a safe, comfortable, and successful visit as well as provide tips to help you navigate the oral hygiene process in between appointments.

What Happens During a Special Needs Visit?

Boy smiling with painted hands in Sycamore

At Grand Dental – Sycamore, we understand the tones of our voices, the equipment we use, the timeline for the appointment, and the additional services provided can make a difference. This is why we take great care to offer unique accommodations based on the needs of the child. We can incorporate sedation dentistry should the child or teenager require solutions that minimize anxiety and create a more calming experience. We also use dental props to make it easier for mouths to remain open during the appointment.

And, parents can expect our team to use only positive and encouraging words to ensure children remain happy and willing to receive necessary dental care.

How Grand Dental – Sycamore Can Help Your Child With Special Needs

Girl practicing brushing in Sycamore

Dr. Shuran Liang is a board-certified pediatric dentist who provides dental care for special needs in Sycamore. His expertise and training make it possible to treat children and teenagers with physical, behavioral, mental, and emotional conditions so, they, too, can achieve optimal oral health.

Parents of children with special needs are encouraged to speak with a trusted member of our team to inquire about specialized dental care provided by Dr. Liang. 

What Is The Rainbow System?

Girl undergoing checkup in Sycamore

The Rainbow Stabilizing System consists of a papoose (a flat board) and a uniquely designed wrap. Once a child is situated on the board, the wrap is used to secure their hands and feet to allow for swift and efficient dental care. Our team’s use of the Rainbow System makes it easier for both the dentist and the child to experience a more enjoyable visit that leads to successful results.